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Olson Kundig

Olson Kundig is a Seattle-based design practice whose work can be found across the globe, ranging from high-art residences to high rises, and cultural institutions to civic projects. As one of their first PR firms, SGLA significantly improved Olson Kundig’s visibility, gaining attention from noteworthy media outlets, including trade, art and shelter publications. We also introduced the principals to many New York-based journalists at face-to-face meetings, working towards developing long-term editorial relationships.

Select Press

"Fortified: A Clever Weekend Cabin, Steeled Against the Elements Yet Wide Open to Its Surroundings," New York Times Magazine

"Flying High," Architect Magazine

"La Casa di Ferro," Grazia Casa

"Great Escapes: Their Own Private Idaho," Elle Decor

"OSKA Winners," Town & Country

"Point of View," House Beautiful